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    Somerset Day of Dance 2017

    29/10/2017 8:17:00 am

    Just finished uploading the images from the Day of Dance 2017.
    Wow, so many talented stage performances. Makes my job as a photographer a special privilege.

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     It's always a privilege to photograph the stage performance for Somerset College.
    This is due to the professionalism of the teachers, choreographers, sound and lighting technicians and of course the wonderful efforts of the students.

    Many thanks to Sue Roberts for making it possible to photograph the live performance as well as the rehearsal. There is a certain quality performing on stage in front of an audience brings out and I like to capture that. Thanks also to Corina Burgess for her expertise and great choreography.

    I'd also like to thank my sister Dr Pamela Weir for her invaluable assistance and my daughter Prema for her help with the graphics despite her busy schedule in movie post production Prema Weir Portfolio

    Please contact me on 0402459199 if you'd like me to photograph your stage show or event.



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    Star City

    13/01/2016 3:58:00 am

    Star City Darling HarbourJust a few shots taken while staying at Star CityI've been wandering about with my D800e and 16-28 wide angle.Yesterday was grey but today is bright and colourful.This is my favourite shot - taken close up of a Giordano perfume ad...

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    This is a few minutes away from home. This area is stunningly beautiful; there are mansions located around the panorama of Middle Harbour, with many boats parked at the marinas and around the bay. I parked my car and did a quick walk around with my Nikon D800e...

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  • Mixed Media Post

    31/08/2014 4:51:02 am

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