Somerset Day of Dance 2017

29/10/2017 8:17:00 am

Somerset Day of Dance 2017

If you've come to this page welcome. Please look at some of my work. If you have a dance school, theater, or run any type of event which requires difficult, low light event photography, I would love to hear from you. Photographers are everywhere, let's face it. However, photographers who do this type of work are not easy to find. I can also shoot your wedding or other special occasion. I'm not a greedy capitalist - if you have a limited budget call me and we can discuss your needs and work out a deal. I'm really flexible. I'll shoot an entire wedding for half of what other photographers will charge you and I promise my work will be better.


The image you see here is one of Davy Harris. Davy is a very talented dancer who is heading to Melbourne next year for specialized tuition. Many thanks to Davy for setting up my Instagram and Facebook accounts.

This is an article published in the Somerset College Press about the Day of Dance. The article was written by Davy Harris and features some of the images taken at the 2017 performance.

I've offered parents and pupils a 50% discount on my regular prices. Medium resolution digital download is now only $5. High resolution (10mb) images can be downloaded for $10. Discount available until Dec 1, 2017.


I need to make a living but my main motivation is creative expression. I treat photography like an art form and I want to create something timeless and beautiful.

This is Davy, and Alina, another amazing dancer who features in many of my best shots. This is one of Alina below.


Dance and stage photography is all about capturing a unique moment in time, what I would describe as the soul of the performer and the essence of the moment, something that memory can't erase. It's why I cherish the immediacy and the complex technical challenge to take something iconic and preserve it.



The beautiful Nikon D4

My go to camera for stage photography. The D4 design was done by Georgio Guigaro of Italdesign; you have to hand it to the Italians, they know how to make beautiful cars and design beautiful cameras.
If you buy lots of my work I'm going to have another one of these!

This is another cherished piece of my photographic equipment, the Nikon 24-70 F2.8G. Very expensive, very beautiful and a work of art in itself. I cannot praise this lens and its optical precision highly enough. Made in Japan, astonishing in every way.


So many memorable images from this year. As time goes on the settings and instinct to capture that moment are becoming more familiar. I tend to shoot everything manually, and change the camera settings every few seconds. Stage photography requires a special kind of masochism, it can be so difficult and the lighting can be bizarre.

Still, as a photographer, if you want static posed shots I can do them, but I'm more inspired to create individual works of art, something you'll want to print and keep.

To the right is Sarah Beaumont, who did a beautiful solo during Act One.

Please let me photograph your stage show. Send me a plane ticket if you're in Las Vegas or anywhere on planet Earth.